Will Hoffman Designs


“Travel” is a fully generative music video and installation for the song, “Travel” by Country Club & the Porn Horns. Inspired by Lev Manovich’s Soft Cinema and the philosophies of the New Aesthetic, my intention with this piece was to create a visual experience that employed no nostalgic imagery or pre-determined narrative. The narrative is instead determined by applying a rule set to an existing database and once set in motion, is left to chance. The resulting video is an abstracted and glitchy voyage across virtual terrains and fleeting horizons.

Using spectrograph software I sampled 4 sets of audio data at each 10 second interval of the song and translated that information into geographic coordinates for a Google Earth tour, color values, and a “square waves” video effect. The system is as follows:

peak frequency = latitude
pitch (a–g) of the peak frequency = longitude
phase = color tint
amplitude = square wave effect

As an installation “Travel” is projected onto a wall with a hanging set of headphones, allowing the viewer to become engulfed by the experience and to get lost in the imagery.